Atanasov dedicated the two beautiful goals to a friend who recently died

Jani Atanasov scored two beautiful goals that he was not happy about / photo: FFM

Hajduk's team celebrated over Lokomotiva with 6: 3 in the quarterfinals of the Croatian Cup, and Jani Atanasov scored two goals, which he celebrated with tears in his eyes.


Atanasov first scored a goal from a dead angle for 2: 1 for his team, and then in the finish with a beautiful shot from 30 meters gave Hajduk an advantage of 5.2, but instead of rejoicing, he celebrated the goals with tears in his eyes because his best friend died a few days ago.

"Since I know about myself, I know about you, you were a friend that everyone would like to have next to him .. We shared sadness, happiness, countless good memories .. He left me to fight alone, but I know that you will continue to see me and rejoice in my successes .. You will remain in our hearts forever! Rest in peace MY BROTHER ", wrote Atanasov on Instagram.


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