Association "Axioma" will promote the new album of Jordan Kostov Quartet at a concert

Poster for the promotion of the album "Kichobal" (Kichobal) in "Makka bar"

The concert promotion of the album "Kichobal" by Jordan Kostov Quartet will be held on February 28, from 21 pm, in "Makka bar" in Skopje.

It is a genre-hybrid album that contains Oriental-Balkan free jazz-fusion by four outstanding musicians, who skilfully leave the orthodox domain of playing their instruments, in favor of creating a unique musical expression.

Kostov himself probably best defines this music when he says that it was created during his numerous wanderings around the Far East: on trains, buses, on motorcycles, etc.

The Jordan Kostov Quartet is composed of Filip Bukrshliev (electric guitar), Stefan Karastoyanov (double bass), Dragan Teodosiev (drums) and Jordan Kostov (accordion). All of them are already established musicians on the Macedonian, Balkan and world avant-garde scene and they, individually or together, have over 50 album releases behind them.

Bukrshliev and Teodosiev received the "Best Young Jazz Musician" award from the world-renowned Skopje Jazz Festival, for 2021 and 2023. The two are members, in addition to their other numerous compositions, in the noir-jazz quartet "Taxi Consilium" (Taxi Consilium), whose debut album (Essential Sunday Gloom) was selected among the best jazz albums of May 2021 by the music platform "Bandcamp".

Jordan Kostov is our most active wanderer along the world's meridians, a prolific musician, always looking for new ways to twist the expectations of auditory encounters between the East, the West and the Balkans, who can't decide which side he prefers.

- Kostov's music freely interprets and interpenetrates the musical heritage of the black jazz tradition, the Balkan "mish-mesh" and the endless auditory wealth of the Far East. The end result often defies expectations of what a harmonica "should" sound like. Kostov has found a way for his accordion to sound like a universal translator, cultural appropriator and magical integrative factor in a unique musical dialogue - Axioma points out.

The recording, mixing and mastering of the album was done by Ivica Jankulovski. It was recorded in a septet formation, and in addition to the mentioned musicians, Aleksandar Boshkov, on second electric guitar, Damjan Grujo, on percussions, and Oliver Nastovski, on bagpipes also participated in the recording. All the compositions are by Jordan Kostov, the cover design was done by Kristian Novkovski, and the executive producer for "Axioma" is Vangel Nonevski. This is the second album of the new but very ambitious Axioma music label.

"Axioma" is an association for cultural cooperation and research, which organizes interdisciplinary and multi-artistic events/projects, organizes concerts, publishes books in the fields of contemporary aesthetics, remix culture, critical theories, etc., organizes exhibitions and workshops for young people and secretly cheers Macedonian avant-garde or "Tersene" music to become the guiding idea of ​​all arts.

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