Arsovska claims that 100 euros were "cashed out" from the MCC treasury, and 000 bartenders were paid hundreds of euros per month.

Danela Arsovska press/ Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The audit carried out by the City of Skopje in the Youth Cultural Center has so far shown that last year over 250 contracts were concluded for hiring people against the law, without signing contracts for temporary employment or hiring them through a temporary employment agency. Most of those hired were members of VMRO-DPMNE, and of the sample number of contracts, as many as 90 were with bartenders, who received from 350 to 750 euros per month.

This was stated by the mayor Danela Arsovska at today's press conference, who pointed out that it was the findings from the previous audit that were key to the position of the former acting mayor. director of MCC, Vancho Bogoev.

Arsovska claims that more than 100 euros, i.e. 000 million denars, were withdrawn from the main treasury of MCC, which were withdrawn without proper documentation, so as she said, someone must explain this "pumping" of funds, because it is about serious misuse of the money from the budget of the City and the citizens.

The audit also showed that out of 4 employees, 12 were appointed as directors, that is, managers, and there were departments where the managers did not manage anyone, except themselves, but received director's salaries.

I call on Bogoev to explain about the contract with which the space of 320 square meters was issued at a price of 2,7 euros per square meter in the city center to the company "Password Production", whose contract ended in March last year - said Arsovska and indicated that since then there is no information whether the company has left the space and who is managing it now.

The mayor believes that a lot of fake news and incorrect information has circulated in the public related to the latest developments in MCC, even protests, but this, according to her, has nothing to do with the culture or the defense of the institution, but with the manipulations made by the former acting president. director to protect himself.

She pointed out that the information that Bogoev was dismissed, but the contract according to which he was appointed acting duty ended, was not correct, nor was the information that 90 percent of the money in the budget that this institution received annually was cut. Arsovska clarifies that last year 10,7 million denars were approved for MCC from the basic budget of the City of Skopje, and this year 8,7 million denars, and the same amount was allocated from the budget for subsidies last year and this year, i.e. 34 million denars.

The reduction in the total amount is insignificant and in no case is it because the City has no interest in this institution functioning, but on the contrary MCC must work and can work self-sustainably with the capacities it has. MKC is one of the institutions that has the greatest potential to work self-sustainably, without grants, i.e. without subsidies from the City because it generates its own income of over 33 million denars - said Arsovska and emphasized that the program, events and planned activities have not been shortened and that this year all will be realized.

The mayor rejected the accusations that Bogoev was pressured for employment and threatened that if he did not apologize for the lies within 48 hours, he would have to prove what he said in court.

Regarding the newly appointed director Nikola Alexov, who is a graduate detective, Arsovska said that many people working in culture do not have adequate education, that the law allows it, but that during his appointment all legal procedures were respected.

- All legal procedures have been respected and that is not disputed, it is disputed that someone wants to publish untruths in the public in an attempt to protect himself - says Arsovska.

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