Arsovska: This city will be a pride for all of us

Danela Arsovska
Danela Arsovska / Photo: Facebook, Danela Arsovska

The time of the unemployed and those who make false promises and have not fulfilled anything they promised is over. Now you will have your own man, more precisely a woman, who will enable the doors of the city to always be open and a solution to be found for every need, said the independent candidate for mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, to the citizens of Kisela Voda.

At today's meeting, Arsovska presented to the citizens of "October 11", Macedonia Park, Przino and Crniche how Kisela Voda will become an urban settlement according to the program it offers.

"The program is made according to your needs, daily problems, troubles and requests for solutions. And that is why we will start working from the first day and in 82 days a lot will be done, which someone failed to do in four years, we will do it in 82 days. And the rest, the bigger and bigger projects will be solved in the first half of the mandate. "If something is wanted and can be done, and all these requirements are needed, that is why the projects are realistic and feasible," said Arsovska.

She told the residents of Kisela Voda that the obligation of the City of Skopje is to give the general plan to the citizens, to know what is planned and what will be built in the future.

"This city should be open to everyone, so that everyone can find an answer to their demands and solve their problem, without waiting, without delay. "I have a goal and a task to make this city a pride for all of us," said Arsovska.

Source: MIA

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