Arsovska does not admit that Skopje is in chaos: The city has never been in better condition

Photo: Facebook/Danela Arsovska

Mayor Danela Arsovska denied that the budget coffers of the City of Skopje are empty and stated that such claims are "political harassment of the SDSM-DPMNE coalition". Every day, he said, the City of Skopje's account receives funds from taxes paid by citizens and companies and based on everything that is active income.

- The city has never been in better condition. We have financial consolidation, there are no debts, the City of Skopje regularly pays everything that arrives as claims, which means that no new debts are generated like the ones we have - millions and millions of euros of arrears that were made by the predecessors and entered into court proceedings so that now the city is burdened with millions of euros in debts and millions of euros in interest based on claims from these lawsuits. Our credit rating is confirmed with a positive outlook. The possibility of credit borrowing from 1,2 million euros has now increased to between 25 and 30 million euros and this has been continuous for the past 12 months, said Arsovska in an interview in "Top Topic" on TV Thelma.

She did not answer whether the claims that the claims against the city are currently ten million euros are correct and indicated that it is not possible to predict during this or the next year which court cases from the time of her predecessors will be due and in whose favor the court will rule. There are court proceedings, he said, since 2012 that have not been completed.

- It is more important that in these 18 months we do not generate disputes, but resolve other people's disputes, said the mayor.

When asked why she called the leader of VMRO-DPMNE yesterday at the Council session Hristijan Mickoski "Racket number 1", Arsovska replied that "there is no need to explain the metaphors when two million citizens understand it".

According to her, what separated them from VMRO-DPMNE was that she had an attitude for principled management of the capital. This does not mean, said Arsovska, that she should be "someone's blind follower and blindly listen to orders". She wants to work in the interest of the citizens and implement the program with almost 300 projects for which they voted her, and she is responsible for implementing them.

- It is very difficult when two largest political parties are focused on creating chaos in the city, said Arsovska and added that unlike her predecessors, she does not have the government behind her, that is. central government to "cover budget holes".

She said that she is in favor of a compromise, but that "the opposite side should also show a step", with the constructiveness of councilors from all parties and voting in the Council on the projects that the citizens are looking for, and not by sabotaging them.

He does not think that she should resign. - They will not see my resignation, precisely because they want it and demand it, because I am right and they are not, said Arsovska.

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