Arsovska does not intend to resign: If the City's budget is not approved, there will be elections for the Council

Photo: Thelma / printscreen

The Mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, says that he is not thinking about resignation, but that elections for the Council are possible, as was the case in the Municipality of Tetovo, if the budget of the City of Skopje for 2023 is not approved. Arsovska said this tonight in an interview for "Telma".

"If the councilors decide that they do not need to support a functional budget for citizens, for the implementation of projects and for a modern Skopje, then, automatically, their mandate ends and they will go to local elections and councilors will come who will work in the interest of the citizens . However, my personal impression is that there are experienced people there, both in politics and as advisers, and no one would take such political damage after them. It is clear to me that the two largest political parties in the state are not happy to see that an individual is trying to change something that is happening in the city and in the state. And that is their legitimate right," said Arsovska.

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