Arsovska: I have Czech, not Bulgarian, citizenship, but it is not a sin to have one

Danela Arsovska, mayor of Skopje/Photo: Screenshot/Facebook/Infomax

In the regular interview of the mayor of Skopje, Danela Arsovska, on the Infomax portal, she confirmed that she has dual citizenship, but it is not Bulgarian, as the ruling SDSM claimed before the local elections in 2021, showing a Bulgarian identity card in the name of Daniela Arsovska, with an address in Petrich.

- I am not saying that it is bad, even if it is, it is not a sin. There are some people who took it out of trouble, for economic reasons, some took it to walk around the world without obstacles, but to be a holder of a Bulgarian passport and to criticize that someone has it is tragic, said Arsovska in the show "Difficult Conversations".

She added that she has Czech citizenship, which she received after birth from her mother.

At the beginning of her term as mayor of Skopje, Arsovska renounced the title of honorary consul of Hungary, a diplomatic title that was awarded to her by the Orbán government and presented by Hungarian Foreign Minister Szijjártó at the opening of the honorary consulate.

In the same show, minutes before, he was a guest with inclusion from Budapest ex-prime minister Nikola Gruevski, so when asked if Arsovska will form a party with Gruevski, he answered with a smile:

- Maybe we will ask, maybe we won't.


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