Arsovska should be changed, not only from ZELS

Aneta Stojkovska / Photo: Free Press

The mayor has three more years in her term, enough time to change relations and, as much as possible, to try to get out of the mud. And, finally, to work on making Skopje a beautiful and modern city, as he promised.

For the first time since the existence of the Community of Local Self-Government Units, its president was replaced before his mandate expired. Since 2005, at the proposal of VMRO-DPMNE, the first person on this body is always the mayor of the City of Skopje, and his task is to represent the interests and advocate for solving the problems of all municipalities in the country.

Danela Arsovska has the "honor" of being the first - fired. What cannot happen to her at other levels, that is, neither councilors nor citizens can change her until the next local elections, she experienced in ZELS, where the change is made by a simple vote, during which the majority decides.

Whether this will cast a dark stain on ZELS or not, as some experts comment, time will tell, but at this moment it is significant that the mayor has probably finally become aware that she is replaceable and that the stubbornness and arrogance with which she wants to "rule" are not the best path to success.

Arsovska, i.e. in her name the City of Skopje, with lightning speed, while the public still did not know about the dismissal, accused the mayors from SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE of having dismissed her with joint forces and that in this case the coalition between these two was shown in action parties. And, of course, in the announcement they did not forget to say that the people most responsible for the erosion of Macedonian society are also taking control of ZELS, as the only national association and non-profit organization, because they did not want people with vision, hardworking, honest, independent and (of course) people who work only and only in the interest of the public.

That there is some kind of unprincipled coalition against the current mayor, despite the fact that no person from either party will admit it, is more than obvious. There is. Now, the mayor should ask herself what made everyone turn against her. Because not all of them can cost us, only one can be an arena. He should try to see the bigger picture, not just himself.

From Arsovska's one-year presidency of ZELS, the only thing we remember was the appeal for state aid due to the high electricity bills of the municipalities, and then the threat that if the government does not help the municipalities, serious steps and radicalization will follow (!?). We never understood what steps the mayor was threatening.

In fact, not only related to ZELS, but all that is the hallmark of Arsovska's one-year term as the first lady of Skopje are arguments with everyone who does not think like her, threats of criminal charges for which we have not heard any conclusion, changes of directors from which she is constantly dissatisfied, quarrels with councilors, with parties, with private carriers, accusations that everyone is against her and against the interests of the citizens.

Well, only Arsovska was left to protect the interests of the citizens, and unfortunately, the people of Skopje do not feel that grace. But they feel, for example, the consequences of the destroyed public transport, because the mayor, right, protecting them from the dirty and old private transport buses, left them without them (sort of). The advisers, however, did not approve her money to buy new ones. And while pressed like sardines they ride the JSP buses, the citizens must be very happy that someone cares about their interest. And those who use cars for transportation are also full of joy when they get stuck for half an hour in the center while the reconstruction of the street near the House of Deputies continues endlessly.

No one even understood what was happening with the tender for the treatment plant after he caught the director of "Vodovod" red-handed, as he himself said. Is there any report and, even more, confirmation from the institutions for clearance for all her public accusations against certain people? And there were...

Maybe it's time for Arsovska to "reduce life" and finally get down to work, cooperate with councilors (who are also elected by the citizens) and work together (seriously) for the citizens. Enough of threats, accusations, sensationalism, straightening curves, doing justice, making dramas. The citizens of Skopje elected a mayor, not a prosecutor or an auditor.

Arsovska has three more years of mandate, enough time to change relations and, as much as possible, to try to get out of the mud. And, finally, to work on making Skopje a beautiful and modern city, as he promised.

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