An army of idlers sucks Post and sends it into the abyss

The union of the Macedonian post office today held a press conference in front of the Government Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Besna Damchevska

We have 15 subsidiaries, 15 directors, management positions, members of the Management Board, advisors, professional assistants... and fewer and fewer workers in the technological process, said the president of the Macedonian Post Union, Boro Veligdenov

To systematize and reorganize the Post Office so that it can work normally, be market-oriented and generate income, they demand from the Macedonian Post Union, which today protested in front of the Government building, fearing for their jobs and the survival of this national institution. .

Posta is constantly sinking into debt. The accumulated loss, as of December 31, 2022 (according to the last financial report) is 18,7 million euros, and there are 1.998 employees. The Postal Union repeated that many party soldiers are stationed there, and that there are a huge number of directors, and that those who perform the necessary postal work are not in sufficient numbers.

- Macedonian Post has come to the edge of its survival and our jobs are in danger. Last month at the protest we asked for an urgent meeting with the Management Board to start the social dialogue and to make the necessary reforms. However, those responsible did not attend the meeting and thereby violated the principle of negotiation. That's why we sent a request to the Government to discuss the rehabilitation processes of the Post Office, which are really necessary because the situation is extremely serious and is getting worse day by day. But till today we still have no answer. From that we can conclude that we employees are left to fend for ourselves - said Boro Veligdenov, president of the Macedonian Post Union.

He said that the current priority is to systematize the employees, for which 5 years ago the Management Board made a decision to start the process and a commission was appointed. Systematization is also part of the agreement that was signed two and a half years ago, during the then strike.

- The systematization commission has not yet started its work. That's why we, as a union, immediately start preparing the systematization in which all workers will be involved, and we will also hire experts. The goal is that whoever the next government is, after the elections, that new systematization will be presented immediately and accepted unconditionally. Thus, Macedonian Post can start immediately with the reform process - says Veligdenov.

For the Trade Union, the most important thing is to stop the process of bad personnel policy and partisanship.

- We believe that this kind of systematization and organization of work does not exist in any institution. We have 15 subsidiaries, 15 directors, management positions, members of the Management Board, advisors, professional assistants... and fewer and fewer workers in the technological process. We need systematization according to the needs of the company and the market. We should put the main emphasis on the technological process, that is, on the processing of shipments. This is the only way we can overcome the anomalies that occur in the operation of the Post Office and position ourselves in the market, i.e. return the Macedonian post office to the citizens, with regular delivery of parcels. We have workers who do not come to work, or come to the workplace once a week - says Veligdenov.

He explains that due to the financial crisis at the Post Office, workers are constantly under stress about whether they will receive their salary.

- In the coming period, we will organize with all the employees, we will organize protests and a strike. Surveys are now being conducted and employees are being informed about their greater participation in further activities aimed at protecting labor rights. Because we are now in the pre-election period, we are consulting with the membership about the timing of future activities - says Veligdenov.

He said that it is clear to the Trade Union that a new collective agreement cannot be signed now in the pre-elections, but that there was a working group that prepared it a year and a half ago and that it is being left for after the elections.

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