An architectural miracle – the third largest suspension bridge in Europe will open in Romania

Hanging bridge photo MIA

The Romanian government has announced that at the end of June it will officially open the largest suspension bridge in the country across the Danube, Romanian media reports. In addition to being the largest suspension bridge in the country, this bridge will also be the third largest of its type in Europe.

The Braila Bridge, which will cross the Danube River, is located between the city of Braila in the east of Romania and Tulcea, which is located on the Black Sea coast. In addition to the fact that the bridge will represent a new connection between the cities of the east of Romania, it will also significantly affect the connection between this country and neighboring Moldova.

"We are creating pressure and helping contractors to make June 27 the date when citizens can officially cross the suspension bridge. 14.000 tons of asphalt are being poured on the bridge alone," said State Minister of Transport Ione Skriostanu.

The bridge is 1.974 meters long with a main span of 1.120 meters. 52.360 tons of steel and 297.000 tons of concrete were used for the construction of this bridge. When it comes to the cost of the project, the construction of the suspension bridge is estimated at 485 million euros, which includes the design and construction of the bridge. The Brailu Bridge will have four lanes, emergency lanes, pedestrian and cycle lanes. Two 110-meter-long access viaducts were built on both sides of the bridge, reports.

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