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Providing safe and clean drinking water is a challenge faced by many developed countries around the world, even those who can still boast of having quality tap water. In countries in Europe and the United States, where tap water is safe to drink, it often contains limescale and other unwanted particles or has an unpleasant taste. Therefore, the right solution is water filtration, which ensures that the water at home is always safe, purified of all unwanted substances and with perfect taste.

There are different types of water purifiers on the market, but only one stands out for the unique way it filters water - the Aquaporin purifier. This water purifier uses the most innovative Danish technology constructed according to the way of water filtration in nature. The technology is based on the aquaporin protein which is responsible for transporting and purifying water in all living cells. Billions of years of evolution have made the protein aquapurin super-efficient and super-selective, allowing only water to pass through without any harmful microparticles.

Aquaporin purifiers copy the protein technique from nature, with filters allowing only clean water free of scale, chlorine, viruses, bacteria or pesticides. Thus, healthy and safe water with perfect taste flows from the taps. The whole process of filtration takes place very quickly and energy efficiently, which reduces the amount of water used, and thus costs.

Aquaporin's top Danish technology has conquered the developed countries in the world and is already used in NASA spacecraft, and can be found in Macedonia. Aquaporin purifiers are available on our market through the authorized representative "Ecotype", and are exhibited in the concept store of "Ecotype" located on the street "Orce Nikolov", opposite the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Skopje. There are two types of Aquaporin purifiers available in the country - ZERO and ONE. The ZERO purifier is compact, easy to install on any tap without the need for an electrical outlet. Provides exceptional and safe drinking water directly from the tap, with perfect taste and without harmful substances. The modern and efficient design of the ONE purifier enables technology of high flow purified water of over 65%, even when the water pressure is low, which means that there is a much smaller amount of wastewater and smaller bills.

More information on top Aquaporin purifiers can be found at the following link.

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