Appeal verdicts: 15 years in prison for the mother who forced her minor daughter into sexual services for 2.000 denars

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

Fifteen years in prison for the mother who forced her 14-year-old daughter into sexual services for monetary compensation of 2.000 denars each. A former police officer who participated in the monstrous act received 18 years in prison, the Court of Appeal decided. In this case, the girl's father, who died during the trials, was accused of rape.

The mother admitted that she introduced her daughter to the policeman and that she took her to his house, where he performed sexual acts on the girl, and in return the mother received 2.000 and sometimes 500 denars.

The ex-policeman also admitted his guilt, and the judge stated that due to the seriousness of the crime, the maximum sentence is 20 years, but due to the confession, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

According to the announcement from last year, the first suspect, the father of six children, three of whom are minor girls, used the same opportunities for a long period of time to commit adultery with one of his minor daughters. At the same time, the second suspect, abusing her position, as the mother of the child who has not reached the age of 14, enticed the girl to perform sexual acts for monetary compensation with the third suspect.

She brought the girl to the third suspect, in his house and for monetary compensation, forced her to undress and have sexual relations with him. If the child refused, the mother used physical force.

The first suspect also abused his position as a father and sold his daughter to a Kosovo man he found online. After a monetary compensation of 3.000,00 euros was paid, the girl was taken to Kosovo for a forced marriage. Two months later, she came to visit her parents, and the first suspect, justifying that it was too far away, did not return her to Kosovo and continued to have sex with her underage daughter.

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