Household appliances that consume the most energy when not in use

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Some household appliances, such as chargers or games consoles, may incur additional charges when plugged in even though they are not in use. The following are some tips that can save you money when it comes to your electricity bills.


Since the fridge and freezer need to be on all the time, it's no surprise that more than 12 percent of a household's energy is wasted on this appliance alone. Obviously, you can't turn off your refrigerator when it's not in use, but there are ways to make it work as efficiently as possible. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator, inside and out, is the simplest way to do this.


While unnecessarily leaving an empty charger plugged in may not be the most expensive thing to do, it also adds unnecessary costs.


A 2021 survey found that 98 percent of British households leave the TV on "standby" and mistakenly assume that turning it off with the remote control turns off the power completely, the Clix portal reported.

Video game consoles

These entertainment devices are often and commonly left on as often as televisions and are often neglected. Making sure they are completely turned off can save a significant amount of money annually.

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