Anti-Macedonian vampirism

Aleksandar Litovski
Aleksandar Litovski / Photo: Free Press

Bulgarian anti-Macedonian propaganda is a vampire and the real question is how to put it to rest. In fact, Macedonians do not have a third option. Either they will pierce his heart with a stake or soon all Macedonian national consciousness will be drunk.

It is already clear, a special war is being waged against Macedonia and the Macedonians. It uses a series of hybrid tools - from an aggressive diplomatic offensive, through informational and psychological-national pressure, to infiltration and the operation of a branched agency-intelligence network of mercenaries. Efforts are being made to create an anti-Macedonian pseudo-reality in the media space and in the virtual space in order to generate a foreign national perception among the Macedonian people. It is known that the ultimate goal is the Bulgarianization of the Macedonian population and, under favorable conditions, the annexation of a part of the territory of today's Macedonian state.

History, that is, the narrative of the past, plays a key role in this anti-Macedonian special war. Therefore, in the political-diplomatic "negotiation" one tries, under threat and blackmail, to "change history". And that, by the way, daily renews the sense of threat to the Macedonian identity and brings permanent doubt in the national uniqueness. It is shocking that many self-proclaimed "patriots" have already turned into born-again supremacists, due to virulent infection with the anti-communist and anti-Macedonian poison of the Bulgarian fascist vampires. Those supremacist weak-bloods, in their persistent babbling about the non-existence of the Macedonian nation and Macedonian national history, ignore the crucial fact that the Macedonian state has existed for eighty years with all its attributes and institutions, important precisely for the identity marks. As they forget the Macedonian writings of Puleski and Misirkov, for example, for more than a hundred years.

These narrow-minded vampires are trying, with their evil and lying tongues, to plunge into ruin a completely built nation like the Macedonian one. In fact, the acceptance of historical representations about ourselves and our past, from the viewpoint of our cynical and malicious neighbors, can only be called anti-Macedonian vampirism and means nothing else, but an attempt to keep alive already worn-out and half-dead anti-Macedonian paradigms. to be used in a new denationalization of the Macedonians.

The Bulgarian, old, national-chauvinist record is still tirelessly spinning today and repeating the same rambling theses that stink of fascism and militarism. It, as in the past, is based on exarchic tradition and heaps of lies and fabrications. On the religious credo quia absurdum. The goal of this propaganda is anti-Macedonianism, not the truth. And she creates her own "truths". And in the past, it produced "truths" in the same way as it creates them today: by order, through the "creative" work of paid "propagandists" and national chauvinists and by tirelessly repeating them in the public space.

Here, as a historical parallel and confirmation of this, an insert from exactly eighty years ago can serve: In the fall of the forty-third year, the then regents and the then Prime Minister Dobri Bozilov decided, in the country and abroad, to take action to promote the Bulgarian national demands, which should be considered during future peace negotiations. In addition, it was decided to prepare and implement a plan for the preparation and publication of brochures, books and other publications necessary to prove the correctness of the Bulgarian nationalist-expansionist positions. In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs soon called professors Genov, Vladikin and Dujchev and ambassador Simeon Radev and charged them with the task of immediately organizing a broad campaign through the press and radio, which will explain "what Bulgaria is doing with its participation in today's armed conflict" and it will be proved "that the Bulgarian people only seek the unification of the countries that belong to them and have no conquering and imperialistic intentions".

Bulgarian historical national-chauvinism did not manage to exhaust all the possibilities in the direction it had taken, it did not manage to release all, even its most terrible anti-Macedonian and Nazi-fascist evil forces, because it was violently prevented by the victory of anti-fascism. But therefore, he returns to the present for the eventual realization of his denied San Stefano vampire phantasmagorias. It is returning to a maddening continuation of its militaristic-propaganda expansion of more than half a century ago. It becomes quite obvious that on the ninth of September in the forty-fourth year of the twentieth century, the lifeline of the Bulgarian fascist vampire, that child of the Bulgarian national chauvinist and anti-Macedonian San Stefano sentiment, was not torn, so today we have another, new Bulgarian fascism, from whom we have to defend ourselves and with whom we have to fight. The Bulgarian and Macedonian-superarchist revisionism, in fact, considers that Tsar Boris and his servants throughout Macedonia were not defeated by the Macedonian national-liberation partisan detachments led by General Apostolski, but were prevented from a certain victory by the Serbian communists, the Soviet-Bolshevik hordes and the Anglo-American Zionists, who united and destroyed Hitler's "beautiful" Europe and the "united" Tsarborisian Bulgaria in it. Nonsense and lies, without measure.

Revisionism, politically and historiographically, is today looking for an alibi, looking for another new Versailles excuse, looking for a complete revision of the Yalta agreement, looking for justifications for the restarted "crusading anti-communist war" and for drawing new borders in Europe and the world. Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, SFR Yugoslavia... are gone, and dozens of new states have been formed: Estonia, Latvia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia. Coincidentally or not, we should all imagine, and especially today's statesmen from former anti-fascist countries, the most obvious fact – the current political map of Europe, almost completely, coincides with the political borders drawn by Mussolini and Hitler. It seems that Europe will have to repeat all the grandiose disaster of eighty years ago, sooner or later, from the beginning. Just as bad students repeat.

Bulgarian anti-Macedonian propaganda is a vampire and the real question is how to put it to rest. In fact, Macedonians do not have a third option. Either they will pierce his heart with a stake or soon all Macedonian national consciousness will be drunk. And, in order to achieve that, we must seriously begin excreting the poisonous spirit of the Great Bulgarian historiographical and national pastimes from our lives. Otherwise, we will self-regenerate and turn into something we are not. Metaphorically speaking, we will become more vampiric. And with that, we will be returned to the time of pre-statehood, to the time of national and human nothingness.

(The author is a historian)

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