Anti-corruption opened a case for checking the property of Besija Ilyazi

Besia Ilyazi / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The anti-corruption commission on its own initiative opened a case for checking the data on the property status of the economic director of the Toxicology Clinic, Besija Ilyazi, they confirm for "Sloboden Pechat". The reason why Antikoruptsiska is opening a case is that she submitted two survey sheets in which she listed her assets - one while she was a councilor in the Municipality of Tetovo, and the other after she became the economic director of the Toxicology Clinic. However, the data in the two questionnaires are not identical, and no change has been reported in the meantime.

On February 14, 2024, Ilyazi submitted a Statement of Assets and Interests to the Anti-Corruption Commission in the new electronic system for submitting a statement of assets and interests for the position of acting organizational director of the University Clinic for Toxicology Skopje. Regarding the question of whether it is the same person (whether the councilor from the municipality of Tetovo is the same person as Besija Ilyazi, the economic director of the Toxicology Clinic), from the inspection of the EMBG, who is listed in the statements of property status and interests submitted to the DKSK , it turns out that it is the same person, the Anticorruption Agency answers the questions of "Sloboden Pechat".

In the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, we also asked why in the survey sheet published on the website for Ilyazi's property, there is no information about the value of the property and the method of acquiring the property. The DCSC points out that the said questionnaire was submitted on December 03, 2021, for the position of councilor of the Municipality of Tetovo, and Ilyazi did not enter the said data in the same. In the new questionnaire dated February 14, 2024, she gave the complete data.

In such cases, in accordance with Article 92 of the Law on the Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest, the SCSC verifies the veracity of the data entered in the statement of property status and interests in the event that it is acting on a specific subject or on the basis of the annual work plan. In the period from December 03, 2021 to December 03, 2023, there was no case opened for the said person, as a period for the possibility of acting on the same, that is, for starting a misdemeanor procedure against the same, they explain from there.



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