Anti-corruption demands that the mayor of Chair, Visar Ganiu, be held criminally liable for abuse of office

Due to well-founded suspicions that by not acting during illegal construction, they enabled the obtaining of benefits for another person, the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) decided to launch an initiative for criminal prosecution of the mayor of the municipality of Chair Visar Ganiu and the authorized building inspector in the municipality.

The initiative will be submitted to the competent Basic Public Prosecutor's Office to initiate criminal proceedings for "abuse of official position and duty".

As the member of the DKSK clarified, Vladimir Georgiev, by not acting and not responding to the correspondence of the State Construction Inspectorate and DCSK, created suspicion that the building was known, but no action was taken.

"The request from a group of citizens, who turned to the State Construction Inspectorate, is the end of 2018. "We got the answer with all the urgency three years later," said Georgiev.

The subject was submitted by the State Inspectorate for Construction and Urbanism, following a report to them by citizens against an unknown investor for a crime committed - illegal construction of a building. From there, they submitted the petition to the authorized building inspector in the municipality of Chair, and the mayor was asked to take all the actions provided for by law. There was no response from the municipality, so they submitted an urgent request from the Inspectorate, to which they again did not receive a response, after which they turned to the DCSK, expressing their suspicion that it was illegal construction.

The DCSC also requested an answer from the municipality and received it after the third urgency, where after inspection of the files it was established that there was a request for the establishment of the status of an illegally built building and that the building meets the conditions for legalization.

DCSC points out that if the requests of the Inspectorate and Anticorruption were acted upon, within the period of three years, it could have been prevented and the provisions for the demolition of the building and other measures provided for in the law, which are under the authority of the municipality, could have been applied.

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