Agency Rating Survey: Urban planning the biggest problem in Skopje, almost half of the respondents satisfied with Mayor Shilegov and the work done

Skopje, Stone Bridge / Photo: EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

 Rating Agency, within the regular surveys for the needs of the City of Skopje, conducted a survey on the satisfaction of the citizens with the work of the city government. In the telephone survey, the citizens of Skopje answered questions related to the problems they face, as well as the degree of trust in the institution and the mayor, the local government and the assessment of the work in individual areas of competence of the city.

The research has been conducted in the period from 10 to 15 September in the form of telephone interview of a representative sample of 1200 respondents.

Respondents to the question "Are things in the City of Skopje moving in the right or wrong direction?" In the largest percentage, ie 43,5% of respondents answered that things are moving in the right direction, 38,2% in the wrong direction, 13,5% or in the right or in the wrong direction, while 4,8% did not answer.

Source: Agency Rating

To the question "Do you have confidence in the local government in the City of Skopje?", 45,7% of the respondents fully or mainly have confidence, 17,2% neither have nor do not have confidence and 33,2% generally do not have or do not have confidence at all. The remaining 3,9% did not give a specific answer or refused to answer.

Source: Agency Rating

The answer to the question "How satisfied are you with the work of Mayor Petre Shilegov?" Has similar results. Thus, 46,3% of the respondents said that they are completely or mainly satisfied with his work, 19,5% said that they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, while 29,7% said that they are mainly or completely dissatisfied. The remaining 4,5% did not answer this question.

Source: Agency Rating

The citizens of Skopje in the survey of the Rating Agency point out that the biggest problem is the urban planning and arrangement of the city, ie the question "What is the biggest problem facing the city?", 19,2% pointed out as the first problem. It is followed by maintenance of communal hygiene with 11,3%, infrastructure with 11,5% and the problem with stray dogs, which as the main problem were pointed out by 8% to the respondents.

As the biggest success of the city in the past four years, the respondents consider the investment in infrastructure, the reconstruction of streets and boulevards as well as the construction of new bridges. A high 29,7% of the citizens pointed out this as the biggest success of the City of Skopje, followed by the improvement of the parks and new greenery with 10,5%, the procurement of new Eco buses which 9,3% said was the most successful project of the city. Highly ranked on the list are the construction of new bicycle paths, the arrangement of the quay of Vardar, the reconstruction of the Universal Hall and the investments in the Zoo and the Dino Park.

Given that four years have passed since the mandate of the current local government in the City of Skopje, the survey also measured the perception of whether the general situation in the city has improved in the last four years. Thus, with the attitude: "The situation in the City of Skopje in the last four years has improved", 52,5% of the respondents fully or mainly agree, neither agree nor disagree 16,1%, while they do not agree at all or mainly 27,4% do not agree, the rest did not answer or could not assess.

Source: Agency Rating
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