Anita Boškovska and Katerina Georgievska have been elected as judges in the Supreme Court

Photo: MIA

Anita Boškovska и Katerina Georgievska have been elected as judges in the Supreme Court from the civil district.

At today's 436th session of the Judicial Council, with 74 points, Judge Boškovska received ten votes "for" and two against, just like the second-ranked Georgievska with 68,4 points.

Five candidates were registered from the civil district. According to the law, the Judicial Council elects the judges with at least eight "yes" votes from the judges with the right to vote and votes from the first ranked until the selection of the required number of judges according to the published advertisement. The other candidates were Elizabeta Dukovska with 64,8 points, Roza Georgieva with 55,5 points and Enver Bejeti with 53,3 points.

From the criminal area, of the five registered candidates, Zoran Dimitrievski received four votes "for" and eight against, Danka Ristova six votes "for", six against, Tatjana Dukoska four votes "for" and eight against, Enver Bejeti four votes "for" and eight against and Enver Amzai, also four votes for and eight against.

This is the first selection of judges in a higher court, according to the new evaluation criteria.

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