"Anima Mundi": What is happening in ZOO Skopje, who guarantees the safety of the animals?

Photo: Anima Mundi

The animal protection association "Anima Mundi" demands that the animal protection association "Anima Mundi" urgently investigate and announce what caused the death of Floppy the giraffe, from where they ask who monitors the health condition and guarantees the safety of the animals in the Skopje Zoo.

Activists say that it should finally be understood that life behind bars is not life but punishment and that it should stop the suffering of animals in lifelong captivity and the generation of profit on the back of their unfortunate fates.

We demand an immediate stop to the reception of new individuals and a change in the concept of zoos in Macedonia to animal rehabilitation centers, that the stay be put to the function of those animals that are already found and alive, with a ban on the purchase of new ones. We ask that every opportunity be used to donate them to centers in Europe that are more adequate for their well-being, for which we make ourselves available - say "Anima Mundi".

From there, they indicate that animals are kept in a confined space, in lifelong captivity, have no privacy, and very little opportunity for mental stimulation, socialization with their own kind or physical activity. This, according to them, results in abnormal and self-destructive behavior called zoochosis.

The magnificent animals in the Zoological become only pale shadows of themselves. They are stripped of everything that makes life worth living: family, community, freedom, and the ability to choose how to spend their lives – even when those lives are not easy at all. We are asking to enable complete video monitoring of all animals 24/7 and insight into the video surveillance of all habitats, to urgently find out the reason why the young giraffe Floppy died yesterday. Where is the management of Zoo Skopje to pronounce or resign? We demand an urgent expert analysis of what is happening and punishments for all those responsible - they demand from the Association.

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