An English and Turkish company interested in building the new clinical center, says Megiti

Fatmir Majiti, Minister of Health/Photo: Screenshot

"The clinical center is a project that remains as a priority in my focus. That question requires a lot of preparation. English and Turkish companies are interested, as well as other companies," said the Minister of Health Fatmir Majiti, answering a journalist's question on the occasion of 100 days since assuming the ministerial post.

- It is a very good capital project and should be fixed once and for all. It takes a lot of time to prepare. There are many interested groups. An English and Turkish company and several other companies are interested. We presented this project in front of several embassies, including that of the United States. We are working in this direction, said Mejiti, adding that the information has been sent to the Government, and that the amendments to the Health Care Law should then be passed in the Parliament.

- We are working on it and every day everyone assures us, both the patients themselves and the operation itself, that it should happen as soon as possible. I told you that in the agreement with the directors of FZOM we have the same vision that with the beginning of the budget year it will be the easiest for them to merge and for this to start working, he said.

Regarding the lack of parking spaces around the Clinical Center, Majiti said that they are working on that issue and announced that they will present a solution shortly.

When asked by a journalist if he was informed that the joint services of the Clinical Center have not been paid for two months, the minister replied that they are under the authority of the Government and that he does not want to comment any more.

- They are under the authority of the Government, not under the Ministry. I don't want to comment more on those joint services. My attitude to the public is clear, he said.

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