Angelov: Damage assessments are carried out by the local self-government, compensation begins immediately with a 360-day period

The Director of the Center for Crisis Management (CMC), Stojanche Angelov, announced today the method of compensating citizens who suffered damages from natural disasters and other accidents.

Angelov says that the assessment and determination of the amount of damage caused by natural disasters and other accidents in accordance with the Law on Protection and Rescue is carried out by the units of the local self-government according to the unique Methodology for assessing damages from natural disasters and other accidents adopted by the Government, on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance.

- Determining the amount of damage begins immediately after the occurrence of the disaster and within 360 days from the end of the disaster, the local self-government units must prepare a Report - Elaboration on the determined damage in accordance with the unique Methodology for assessing damages from natural disasters and others accidents and submit it to the Commission for assessment and determination of damage from natural disasters established by the Government. The commission formed by the Government after the previously received reports prepares a total report on the damage and submits it to the Government within 120 days at the latest from the submission of the report by the municipalities, which makes possible the possibility of providing financial assistance from the Budget of the Republic. The help can be in the form of immediate financial help or help with a reduction, that is, exemption from tax obligations, which are given without obligations to return, says Angelov.

He adds that the aid received by local self-government units and other legal entities can be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was given.

- The Center for Crisis Management through its representative participates in the work of the Commission for Assessment and Determination of Damage from Natural Disasters established by the Government. The crisis management center, in accordance with the legal competences, promptly, fully and adequately implemented all the necessary activities related to the above-mentioned events in order to overcome and deal with the dangers in the area of ​​the affected municipalities, Angelov announced.

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