Angelov: Voting is generally peaceful, without problems

Toni Angelovski, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior / Morning briefing

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has so far not registered any serious disturbances of public order and peace during the voting, which, in general, takes place peacefully, without problems, said at today's press conference the spokesman of the MOI, Toni Angelovski.

After the opening of the polling stations until 11.00:XNUMX am, two events were registered in the areas of SIA Skopje, and one each in the area of ​​SIA Stip, SIA Kumanovo and SIA Veles.

- It was reported in the SIA Skopje that 2600 citizens threw the ballots at the polling station because they were not allowed help from another person during the voting. Measures are being taken to clear up the case, said Angelovski.

Informs that in SIA Skopje it was reported that around 09.35 am near the entrance of polling station 2842 and 2842/1 on Borka Taleski Street in Skopje it was noticed that nine vehicles had a number of a candidate for mayor pasted on the outside of the windows. for the city of Skopje. Measures are being taken to clear the case.

- At 07.28 in the SIA Stip it was reported that the voting at polling station number 852 in the cinema Kultura in Kocani was interrupted due to a prominent poster near the polling station. At 10.10 am in the Police Station Kratovo - SIA Kumanovo, the President of the Municipal Election Commission from Kratovo reported that the President of the polling station no. 0931 in Kratovo was informed that there was agitation at the polling station. The case is being clarified, said the spokesman in the Ministry of Interior.

At 09.15 in the Police Station Kavadarci - SIA Veles, said the spokesman Angelovski, it was reported that at polling station no.0720 in Rosoman, AA (61) from Rosoman exercised the right to vote, although she knew she was positive for the coronavirus. In this case, too, measures are being taken to clear the case.

The spokesman in the Ministry of Interior, Angelovski, appealed to the citizens and the participants in the elections and in the rest of the voting to refrain from incidents. and if there is any disturbance of the election process, the citizens should immediately inform the police or the number 192 or report to the nearest police station.

Source: MIA

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