Andrijana Maciev, face to face with cancer: I do not fight with life, I live it with full steam!

Cancer is thought to be a disease that ends in death, but the artist Andrijana Maciev believes that it is a state of body, spirit and mind, that cancer comes to make us aware and to turn completely towards ourselves. We talk to the artist Andrijana Maciev, a woman fighter in front of whom we take off our hats. 

The young and talented artist Andrijana Maciev, who has been on the art scene for ten years, was diagnosed with breast cancer six months ago, which also appeared metastases to the bones, liver, with unbearable pain, a condition in which you think there is no way out. . She has received eight chemotherapies, ten radiation therapies, and other tests and therapies. Fighting Andriana remains full of life energy and optimism, always smiling and ready to face challenges, and the positivity, she says, she gets from her daughter, from her mother Julia, from pets, from friends.

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When a person is healthy, happy, fulfilled, there is no place in his life for unimportant things, for sorrow, for pain for any things that do not serve him.

How are you Andriana, what health challenges are you facing right now? What makes you happy, what bothers you?

- Thank you for the question, I'm really good, although when you ask someone who is being treated for cancer, it is difficult to give an answer. I have been feeling well for some time now, my mental condition is the most important. There is still physical pain in the body, fortunately it is of less intensity and within the limits of endurance.

Six months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, with bone metastases, liver, with unbearable pain, a condition in which you think there is no way out. Cancer is thought to be a disease that ends in death, I think it is a condition of the body, spirit and mind. He comes to awaken us and bring us back to our being, to turn completely to ourselves. To be born again and this time to live life with all our strength, which is a gift from God.

During this period I received 8 chemotherapies, 10 radiation therapies, and as time went on I was getting better, I started to function independently. To do my homework at home of course, because during this period I am constantly at home, I started painting, I can play with my pets in the yard, and even cook. When you feel the strength from within, then everything becomes much easier. There are still trials and another type of therapy for some time, but I know that the end result is perfect health.

Now, after finishing the chemotherapy, I feel free, happy and ready for the new life challenges. The strength is in each of us, for every day, for every moment to thank God, to rejoice in the smallest things and to appreciate our own life. When a person is healthy, happy, fulfilled, there is no place in his life for unimportant things, for sorrow, for pain for any things that do not serve him.

Julia, Dr. Nino Vasev and Andriana

Despite the difficulties you face, you are always smiling and full of positive energy, where do you get that energy, strength, fighting spirit?

- I am happy and grateful that in this condition my mind remained healthy. I want to say that I did not care when I found out about the diagnosis. Like many, I thought it was the end. Believe me, when you accept the diagnosis, the condition you are in, you will move on much faster and easier. I say about myself that I am always full of positivity, smiling, because that's how I feel, like that and many people know me. I draw the energy of life from every cell, from every temptation that is for my good, from my family, my mother and my daughter, my pets that are in large numbers, my friends and close people, from love, from faith, from art, from the knowledge that I have a special mission in this world!

I learned that when you smile at life and it smiles at you with a wide smile, it will open the gates even more and push you into abundance. Life is said to be a struggle or God gives the biggest battles to the brave, but still I do not "fight" with life, I live it with full steam and one day I will tell in detail my story about my friendship with cancer.

How much have you been devoting yourself to art lately and what topics inspire you the most?

- I have been on the art scene for ten years. Last year I was supposed to celebrate my modest jubilee, but due to the pandemic and my health condition, everything was postponed. During this period I had the opportunity to sort out my emotions, to concentrate my thoughts on everything I want to do, everything that is my priority. I had days when I was sitting in pain with great pain, something was forcing me from inside. I was a little upset because my temperament when I was painting is quite active, and now I was static. But when a work is created, the motive is even bigger, the power comes by itself and I want to paint more and more. Now I am more active and I work almost every day because it fulfills me, I write on the canvases my thoughts, experiences, my dreams, I prepare my exhibition which will be a triumph for this year. Celebrating 10 years of active work and my new life.

My works are known for their colorful colors, abstract shapes and strong sensibility, the action and movements of the brush. Art is a great privilege, a gift that probably only certain people have as an opportunity for self-expression. I'm happy to be one of them, defense!

What is the most important piece of advice you have received from your mother, Julia, that you keep coming back to and applying?

- The family is certainly very important in the process of healing, of healing! My mother has been working as a coach for personal growth and development for many years, with many certifications, self-employed techniques, experience in many fields. For years we have been starting the mornings with conversations and knowledge that happen to us. We constantly read, exchange opinions and advice, upgrade in that direction. That is why I say to myself that I am the happiest that my mind remained healthy even in the biggest challenge of life! Because when you face cancer the most important thing is the mind, to stay healthy and whole. I constantly receive advice from my mother, every day, after all, as a parent she wants the best for me. We work constantly, techniques and methods for healthy living. For unconditional love of ourselves, for valuing the person and setting boundaries. For the choice we personally make, health, love, work, relationships, etc. To be healthy and happy, we need to know how to set healthy boundaries when, where and how much! To value ourselves and to love ourselves as God did not create us. Let us accept ourselves with all the virtues and flaws, and work on our mental mind in order to upgrade it with life energy. And then our life will go uphill. And then you will feel all the beauties that we may not have been aware of that are within our reach. Only in this way do we have life in our own hands and we can walk through it, boldly, bravely, in harmony and balance, in love!