Andonovski: The case of Leonid Indov is not unique, this week we will start the initiative for the legal changes of the FZO


Deputy Ombudsman Jovan Andonovski, responding to a journalist's question regarding the Leonid Indov case, announced that this week work will begin on an initiative that envisages changes to the legal and by-laws of the Health Insurance Fund (FZORSM), which will be aimed at each case is evaluated individually, not to categorize the objects.

He pointed out that for the time being they have not received any reaction from the Fund regarding the announced initiative.

- So far we have no reaction from FZORSM. We announce an initiative. Work on that initiative will begin this week. With it, we envisage amendments to the Law and to the by-laws, especially to the by-laws of FZOM, which are obsolete and antidated. The changes would be in the direction of valuing each case individually, so it is not possible to categorize cases only as to whether it is a question of treatment or rehabilitation, especially for those cases where it is a life-threatening condition of the patients, Andonovski said today after participating in the conference "Ukraine - two years of heroism" in Skopje.

He confirmed that the cases of Leonid Indov and Jani Ivanov from Negotino are not unique, but there are several cases in which the FZOM does not provide adequate treatment to the insured.

- From our practical work, I can say that it is not only the case of Leonid Indov or Jani Ivanov from Negotino. We are talking about a dozen cases in which the FZOM does not provide adequate treatment to the insured, while their condition either remains the same or worsens, unfortunately, Andonovski added.

Andonovski indicated that Leonid's family has been given legal advice in which direction their complaint should be referred to a second-level commission and expects that the commission will respond to their request.

- We got in touch with Leonid's family, we gave them legal advice in which direction their complaint should be addressed to the second-level commission, and I really expect that the commission will meet their expectation and request, Andonovski added.

Previously, the FZORSM first instance commission rejected the request for treatment of young Leonid Indov in a hospital in Austria because according to the FZORSM Regulations on the way of using health services for insured persons abroad, "medical rehabilitation" is not the responsibility of the Fund. After receiving the decision from the First Instance Commission, Leonid's family has the right to appeal within 15 days to the Second Instance Commission. In July of last year, young Leonid Indov was injured while on vacation in Greece. On the 6th of this month, he was transported by helicopter to a health facility in Austria, at the initiative of his family.

Leonid's father for "Sloboden Pechat": Those responsible from FZOM refused to cover 140 thousand euros for my son's treatment, because he could have been treated in Macedonia, but they don't say where!

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