Andonovska: The fact that Arsovska will not resign means that she does not want to end the chaos in the city

Proposal - the budget of the City of Skopje for 2023 it should be passed by the end of December, and it should be delivered to the councilors 20 days before the session, so that they have enough time to consider it. So far this has not been done.

 We still haven't received the proposal - the budget and we have no announcement when it will be. Previously, the councilors already had this time. It should be delivered to us by December 10 at the latest so that we can consider it in session on December 31, which is also late, practically 5 minutes to 12 noon. I believe that the mayor does not want to delay the adoption of the budget for the coming year and that she will still deliver it to the councilors on time - she says Marija Andonovska, coordinator of the advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition in the Skopje City Council for "Free Press".

Regarding the presented position of the mayor Danela Arsovska that she does not intend to resign, and if the councilors decide that they should not support a functional budget for the citizens, for the implementation of projects and for a modern Skopje, then, automatically, their mandate will end, they will go to local elections and come councilors who will work in the interest of the citizens, Andonovska says that the problem is not with the council but with the mayor.

The council only makes decisions, and the decisions should be implemented by the mayor. Many decisions made have not been implemented. In the 2022 budget, you can see that there are many items whose realization is zero, even though funds were provided for that purpose. Arsovska not only betrayed the trust of VMRO-DPMNE, she above all betrayed the trust of the citizens. They expected changes, they expected a modern Skopje, but they got chaos. By saying that he will not resign, he means that he does not want to end the chaos in the city - claims Andonovska.

After the latest developments and the protests of private carriers, the councilor believes that Arsovska is obliged to find a way to provide normal public city transport. However, the mayor of Thelma's visit stated that she has no intention of negotiating with people who blackmail and threaten.

Today, if he gives in to threats and blackmail, tomorrow everyone outside who thinks he can rule with pressure will allow himself to put pressure on the citizens to get something he doesn't deserve, they will block people at every step. He does not give in to blackmail and threats, especially when you are right and no one can forbid anyone to protest, but tomorrow anyone with a vehicle will allow himself to block the city - said Arsovska.

Andonovska says that it is not a question of giving in and forcing in spite, she must find a way to provide public transport for the citizens, according to her, that is the responsibility and duty of the mayor.

The mayor also boasted that she will soon report to the citizens about the more than 300 projects that have been completed.

– 300 projects? I don't really see them - says Andonovska for "Sloboden Pechat".

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