US companies are seeking exceptions in the event of new sanctions against Russia


The trade organization that represents the interests of Chevron, General Electric and other major US companies doing business in Russia have sent a request to the White House to allow them additional time to meet their obligations and to exclude certain goods in the process of drafting sanctions over Russia's actions against Ukraine. 

The US National Council on Foreign Trade has asked for additional time for companies to complete their activities while working out the sanctions. 

Jake Colvin, chairman of the National Council on Foreign Trade, said the Biden administration and Congress should "work out the details in the event of a threat of sanctions," some US media reported. 

-These details should include consideration of "quiet oasis" issues or termination periods to allow companies to meet essential contracts and obligations, as well as to provide for exceptions such as medicines of vital importance and other moments of a humanitarian nature and in accordance with the old US policy, said Colvin

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