American tourist found dead on an island near Corfu

Corfu, Greece / Photo: Robert Harding Productions / robertharding / Profimedia

A missing American tourist has been found dead on a beach on a small Greek island west of Corfu, local media reported AP.

The man's body was found on a rocky, fairly remote beach on Matraki Island by another tourist on Sunday. His host, a Greek-American friend, reported him missing on Thursday. The tourist was last seen on Tuesday in a cafe in the company of two female tourists who then left the island.

Additional details about the victim, such as his name or the U.S. city where he lived, were not immediately available.

Matraki, which has 100 inhabitants, is a forested island with an area of ​​3,9 square kilometers, west of the more famous island of Corfu.

This is the latest in a series of recent cases where tourists have died or gone missing on the Greek islands. Some, if not all, went hiking in very hot weather.

The body of a 74-year-old Dutch tourist was found by a fire service drone on Saturday, lying in a ravine about 300 meters from where he was last seen last week, walking with some difficulty in the hot sun.

Dr. Michael Mosley, a famous British TV doctor, was found dead last week on the island of Simi. The coroner concluded that he had died the previous Wednesday, shortly after setting out on a hike over difficult, rocky terrain.

On Friday, two French tourists were reported missing on the island of Sikinos, a relatively isolated Cycladic island in the Aegean Sea with fewer than 400 permanent residents.

On the island of Amorgos, also in the Cyclades, authorities are still looking for a 59-year-old tourist who was reported missing since Tuesday, when he went on a solo hike in very hot conditions. US media identified the missing tourist as retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Albert Calibet of Hermosa Beach, California.

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