American journalist with a crazy announcement: LeBron will play together with Doncic!?


The famous American journalist, Bill Simmons has one of the craziest NBA predictions in recent memory, Simmons expects LeBron James to move to Dallas at Luka Doncic.

Indeed, such a scenario seems incredible, but one should not forget that in 2018, Simmons was the first to predict that LeBron would play for the Lakers, which later happened. The forecast comes when Dallas is in an unenviable position and is very close to missing the playoffs, although in addition to Doncic, they brought Kyrie Irving.

In his statement, Simmons first mentioned the Golden State basketball player, Dremon Green, to then add LeBron.

"I think Green could end up in Dallas alongside Kyrie and Luke, and LeBron will find a way to join them. That's my prediction," said Simmons and caused many reactions on social networks.

However, he did not say whether he expects this to happen in the near future or further. It should also be remembered that LeBron has stated several times in the past that he would like to wait for his son to enter the NBA and play together in the same team. Also, the "king" did not hide that he is a big fan of Luka Doncic's game, so maybe we will see them together someday, time will tell.

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