The American Embassy in Sarajevo with a warning to Dodik: You are on a dangerous path

Photo: Twitter / H1 / printscreen

The U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has warned Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik and all politicians who follow him that they are on a dangerous path when they advocate "peaceful disintegration," stressing that the U.S. will not stand idly by on actions that threaten Bosnia and Herzegovina. as a state.

On the initiative of Dodik, the government of Republika Srpska on Thursday, before the discussion of the General Assembly of the United Nations, made a decision that within 30 days it will prepare a document with which it will propose "disassociation" to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. . ending the existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina as established by the Dayton Agreement.

The US was among the strongest supporters of the UN resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, and the US embassy in Sarajevo said today that Dodik and the RS government tried to explain away the impossibility of survival of the RS with a "bunch of lies and disinformation" designed to intimidate it. public in RS in order to follow them on that dangerous path.

- The facts are simple and clear. There is no international conspiracy to abolish the RS, and Dodik cannot single out a single statement by any US official calling for the abolition of the RS, the statement said.

The American Embassy also reminded that BiH is not a union of two entities, as Dodik repeatedly interprets, but is a successor state of the former Republic of BiH.

The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as they pointed out, does not grant the right to secede or "disassociate" either to the subjects or to any lower administrative unit.


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