An American woman tried to drown a three-year-old child in a swimming pool because she hated Muslims

USA Police/ Photo: Steve Welsh / Alamy / Profimedia

A Texas woman has been charged with attempted murder after she tried to drown a three-year-old child in an apartment complex pool, police said. The local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the child belonged to a Palestinian family and urged authorities to investigate the incident as a possible hate crime.

On May 19, the police received a complaint about a fight between two women at a swimming pool in an apartment complex. Eyewitnesses told police that a drunken Elizabeth Wolff, 42, tried to drown the little girl and argued with the child's mother, reports CNN.

The mother told police that Wolf asked her where she was from and if the two children playing in the pool were hers. The council says the child's mother was wearing a hijab and a cover-up bathing suit at the pool.

According to police, Wolf began telling the woman she was not American, then grabbed her 6-year-old son. After the boy managed to free himself, Wolf grabbed the three-year-old daughter and tried to drown her. The mother eventually managed to pull her daughter out of the water, after which the girl coughed up the water.

"We are American citizens, originally from Palestine, and I don't know where I would go without feeling safe with my children. There is a war in my country and here we face hatred. My daughter is traumatized. Every time I open the door of the apartment, she runs away and hides, she is afraid that the lady will come again and drown her," says the mother.

Texas Rep. Salman Boyani said he was shocked by the alleged racist and Islamophobic incident. "There is no place for hatred in Oyles or anywhere in our country," he said, thanking the police for the swift arrest.

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