An American woman who attacked a Chipotle employee will have to work at the restaurant for two months

Chipotle / Photo EPA-EFE/WILL OLIVER

An Ohio woman convicted of throwing a burrito plate at a worker at the famous American Mexican food restaurant Chipotle has been offered an unusual way to reduce the length of her prison sentence.

The judge ordered Rosemary Hein, 39, to work at the fast food restaurant for two months. Hayne was captured in a viral video screaming at Chipotle employees before throwing her food in the face of one of the employees, reports BBC.

First, she had to pay a fine and serve 180 days in jail. But the judge had another idea.

"You didn't get your burrito plate the way you wanted it, and this is how you react?" This behavior is not acceptable," said Judge Timothy Gilligan.

Judge Gilligan told Hayne she could have her sentence reduced by 60 days if she agreed to work at least 20 hours a week at the fast food restaurant for two months. Hayne accepted. The September 5 incident was captured by a passerby, who posted the video on Reddit, where it went viral.

In court, Hayne apologized and tried to explain the reasoning behind her screaming at Chipotle worker Emily Russell, 26.

"If I showed you what my food looks like and what my food looks like a week later from the same restaurant, that's a disgusting look," Hein said.

Emily Russell told the court she was traumatized by the incident and has since quit her job at Chipotle. She told The Washington Post that she intervened to protect a 17-year-old female employee who was yelled at by Hayne.

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