Amber Heard lied that she donated the divorce money to a children's hospital

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Ex-spouse Amber Heard and Johnny Depp / Photo: EPA-EFE

The trial that is taking place in front of the eyes of the world public continues. Amber Herd finally admitted that she had not paid the promised $ 3,5 million donation, after repeatedly claiming that the divorce money had been donated to charity.

Testifying in court on Monday, Herd said she did not donate the planned amount because Johnny Depp sued her. However, she has repeatedly claimed - including under oath in Depp's defamation case in 2020 - that she had donated.

"A total of $ 7 million was donated - I split it between the American Civil Liberties Union and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. "I did not want anything," Hurd said during her guest appearance on the 2018 Dutch talk show RTL Late Night.

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But now Herd has told the court that she has not yet paid the planned donation in full because Johnny sued her for $ 50 million in March 2019.

"I will fulfill all my promises. "I would like him to stop suing me so I can," she added.

Johnny Depp
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Terrence Doherty, the chief operating officer and chief adviser to ACLU, testified earlier in the case and said a total of $ 1,3 million had been donated so far from Herd or on her behalf. Of that money, Hurd donated $ 350.000 in December 2018 and has not paid anything since. Depp paid $ 100.000, and another $ 350.000 came from a fund by investment firm Fidelity.

Another $ 500.000 payment came from an account with investment firm Wengard, which Dogerti said he believed was a fund set up by Ilon Mask. Amber's lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, asked why Hurd accepted a $ 7 million deal from Depp.

"I did not care about the money. I was told that if I did not agree with the amount that could be annulled, we would never agree. "I took much less than what was offered to me and what was due to me," she said.

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Hurd said she donated the money to charity because she was never interested in Johnny's money.

"I just wanted my safety and my future, and he risked it. I wanted him to leave me alone. "I have been saying that since 2016," she concluded.

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