Ambassador Kopp for "360": If the country wants to become a member of the EU, it must deal with corruption

Dirk Jan Kopp, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands/Photo: Screenshot/360degrees

The Dutch ambassador in the country, Dirk Jan Kopp, is one of the loudest critics of the Macedonian authorities who do not implement the reforms needed for the country's integration into the EU, of the spending and misuse of money from European taxpayers who have failed to reform either the political or the judicial system. system, as well as the administration in the country, and to stop the sinking into corruption and the further disintegration of society and the destruction of the democratic values ​​that we should strive for as a future member of the European Union.

- The most urgent thing that needs to be changed is the mentality. The country should really want to become a member of the EU, it should really deal with corruption. Without it, progress in any area is impossible. I think it would be good advice for the country to be extremely careful in preserving its pro-reform democracy, protecting freedom of speech, preserving the relative independence of the media... Without these things, any progress is impossible. What else the country should do depends on North Macedonia, it is a sovereign country and it depends on what its priorities are. She says that she wants to be a member of the EU and therefore, within that framework, she needs to precisely determine her priorities. It is clear that the biggest concern for the Netherlands is the rule of law, but in the end this is your country, not ours, says Ambassador Kopp in an interview with "360 degrees".

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands emphasizes that in this country there is an obsession with the constitutional amendments only to defocus the public from the necessary reforms and that there will be no changes to the Negotiating Framework that VMRO-DPMNE fears and does not want to adopt the constitutional amendments.

- The framework is negotiated, it cannot be changed even if Mr. Mickoski says that after the elections he will reach a better agreement, I don't think that is at all realistic, even possible. North Macedonia has the best deal it can get. If you remember, Kovachevski became prime minister at about the same time that Petkov became prime minister in Bulgaria. There was a lot of question, there were five commissions that had to negotiate under the leadership of the French presidency and it all came down to one question – the minority in the Constitution. It was an agreement between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, the other one has disappeared, which is good. I think that under the circumstances this is the best agreement that Bulgaria and North Macedonia could get. The start of the second phase of the Intergovernmental Conference, which depends on the constitutional amendments, has nothing to do with the bilateral agreement itself. No, I don't see that that will change, says Kopp for "360degrees" and adds that it is high time for North Macedonia to become the master of its own destiny, and they are here to help.

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