Alternative: Orhan Murtezani proposed as Minister of European Integration

Photo: Alternative

Orhan Murtezani is the candidate from Alternative for the minister of European integration, while Ljulzim Aliu has been proposed for the deputy minister of education, and Safiye Sadiki Shaini for the deputy minister of inter-community relations, Altenjrnativa informs.

At today's meeting of the Central Board of Alternative, Orhan Murtezani was proposed as a candidate for minister in the Ministry of European Integration. He is a former director in MEPSO, as well as secretary of public relations and spokesperson for Alternative.

Ljulzim Aliu Alternative Photo: Alternative

- The meeting also discussed the candidate for deputy minister of the Ministry of Education and Science and it was unanimously decided that prof. dr. Ljulzim Aliu, university professor and vice-dean of the Faculty of Education, former deputy minister of education and currently secretary of the Secretariat for strategic issues of Alternative -veelat from the pariah.

As Alternativa also took responsibility for the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Community Relations, the Central Leadership discussed this and unanimously decided that the candidate of Alternativa for this position should be Safiye Sadiki Shaini – a university professor.

Safiiye Sadiki Photo: Alternative

- The meeting also discussed the resignation of the former president of Alternativa, Afrim Gashi, who has been elected president of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia. The Central Assembly should propose a decision to organize an extraordinary congress for the election of the president of Alternativa - say the party.


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