Alternative: The crown of the success of the director of "Idrizovo" Tahiri is the discovery of the tunnel, the Ministry of the Interior should not adorn itself with other people's feathers

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The opposition Alternative in rejection of yesterday's director of the "Idrizovo" prison Shpend Tahiri as the most deserving for the discovery of the tunnel dug by prisoners sentenced to many years of imprisonment.

"Yesterday's action in the prison "Idrizovo", which resulted in the discovery of a tunnel that was dug for a long time for the escape of prisoners, is precisely the result of the engagement of the director of the prison who is from Alternative, Shpend Tahiri. To say that the director of the "Idrizovo" prison was replaced as a punishment is not only improper, but also ungrateful to the man who worked until the last day of his job without a single affair and without a single accusation from anyone for his correct work. Unfortunately, our international friends are more grateful for his work than our state institutions. However, it was precisely thanks to Spend Tairi's conscientious management of the prison institution that countless attempts to escape and bring narcotics into the prison circle were discovered, caught and sanctioned, including this last one, which is the crowning glory of his success." they say from Alternative.

According to the party, the action in Idrizovo was prepared for a long time and will be recorded as a historical success of the director of the prison in Idrizovo.

"Unfortunately, the Ministry of the Interior adorns itself with other people's feathers - it wants to benefit from the work of someone who, by sacrificing his life and his family, worked with dignity and with the greatest professional conscience in an institution that may be the most difficult to manage in the country ", they say from Alternative.

The party adds that Tahiri was replaced because he is a member of Alternative. According to the opposition party, the narcissists from the DUI dynasty and the unworthy of contracts from the SDSM are allergic to criticism.

From there they say that Spend is not to blame that both parties are enjoying the last days of power and that a state of panic makes them react to the detriment of state interests.

The Ministry of the Interior announced yesterday that it is in coordination with the National Security Agency (NSA). prevented an organized escape from the "Idrizovo" prison    and published footage of the 60-meter-long tunnel dug by the prisoners.  The Ministry of the Interior announced that until there were criminological findings that a group of at least eight convicts who are serving prison terms in KPD "Idrizovo", convicted of serious crimes with certain sentences ranging from 10 years to life imprisonment, are preparing an escape from the prison by digging a tunnel.

After the information about the discovered escape tunnel from "Idrizovo", the Government dismissed the director of the prison at a session this afternoon. Spend Tahiri, and appointed the Police Major General in his place Zoran Jovanovski.

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