Alternative wants Filipce's place?

Frim Gashi

Alternative wants the Ministry of Health and one deputy prime minister out of the four that exist, published Alsat TV, citing sources close to the negotiations between Afrim Gashi's party and SDSM over the possible entry of Alternative into the government.

Although Alternative believes that it is still early to talk about the division of departments, unofficial sources say that Bekim Sali is the name mentioned in the party bodies for Minister of Health, writes Alsat.

Today, the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev met with Gashi in the Parliamentary Club and after four hours of talks, the government press service said that they had reached "an agreement in principle on the programmatic part of possible future co-operation, expressed through the political and executive participation of Alternative in the Government".

-The talks for taking over and sharing responsibilities in the interest of the citizens and the state started, exchanging opinions on possible personnel decisions to be taken over the potential obligations and responsibilities, ie the respective positions, ministers, deputy ministers and other managers within the central government, reads the statement of the government press service.

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