Alkaloid sold the skin dearly, Vardar came to the victory at the finish line

Photo: RK Alkaloid

The current champion Vardar defeated Alkaloid 4:28 in the 25th round derby in the handball Super League, which, although it is a rookie in the strongest Macedonian league, with Kiril Lazarov on the bench once again showed that it will be a tough nut for the big favorites.

Vardar, who played a game with a lot of oscillations in the game, came to the victory thanks to a series of 5:0 in the last seven minutes of the game.

The champion opened the match better and led with 3:1, but the young Alkaloid handball players managed to catch a scoring plug and equalized at 7:7.

The "red and black" took matters into their own hands again and took the lead with 12:9, but the finish of the first part belonged to Alkaloiud, who with a series of 0:4 at rest left with a minimal advantage.

The twists and turns of both teams also marked the second part, the first to make a series was Vardar, whose handball players made the best use of Martin Tomovski's defenses and took the lead with 21:17. That prompted Lazarov to call a timeout and things on the court changed in Alkaloid's favor.

The young team of the new super league made a series of 0:5 and after Stojkovic's goal took the lead with 21:22. With eight minutes to go, Alkaloid again, after Stojkovic's goal, took the lead for the first time with a two-goal advantage (22:24), and the next minute scored for 23:25. However, Alkaloid paid the price of inexperience, while Vardar played their best when it was most needed and in the last seven minutes with a 5:0 run they turned the score around and secured the 28:25 victory.

Tomovski had 12 saves for Vardar, and Dejan Manaskov with eight goals and Filip Taleski with six stood out in the attack. In the ranks of Alkaloid, Stojkovic scored six goals, and Trajkovski had 13 saved shots. After four rounds, Vardar has four wins and is the leader in group A with 12 points, while Alkaloid remained at 9 points, as many as Butel, which was better than Vardar Negotino with 27:20. Ohrid had no problems in the visit to Kumanovo and celebrated with 22:31, while Struga and Priilep played 25:25.

In group B, the second team of Eurofarm Pelister celebrated visiting Golden Art with 28:20, and Tikvesh beat Skopje 29 with 20:2020


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