Aliu: In the age of technological warfare, it is necessary to strengthen cyber security

Photo: Ministry of Information Society and Administration

Strengthening cyber security, especially in this period, when the technological war is becoming more sophisticated and "stricter", every day turns into a challenge, which always requires attention, commitment and cooperation, said the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Azir Aliu during the participation at the "Cyber ​​Diplomacy" seminar at the European Center for Security Studies "George S. Marshall" in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

The seminar discusses cyber security in the world and the latest challenges in this area, and Aliu, as the Ministry of Information Society and Administration informs today, addressed the measures that should be taken for a safe cyber environment.

Aliu pointed out that a secure cyber environment does not work without cooperation and related mechanisms.

-Challenges in the field of cyber security are "unexpected", attacks can be internal or external and do not differentiate between very large or small countries. We are all in the same position. Therefore, only through cooperation, serious investments and by building a strategic plan with specific measures, including a budget dedicated to advanced technologies and human resources for the development of this sector, we can respond to the challenges in the future, Aliu said.

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