Albert Musliu: In the "May Agreement" of 2007, there is no "winner with winner" provision, but the winner of the minority communities negotiates with the mandate holder

Albert Musliu / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

For the European Front, the entry of "VREDI" into the Government is not disputed, but the way in which it is first said about the morning program of Free Press Albert Musliu.

Musliu says that the Front insists that they represent the interests of the non-minority communities, and not who should enter the Government, because "VREDI" does not represent the non-minority communities but declares itself as a purely Albanian party. And that is a violation of the so-called Badenter principle.

"There is a lot of talk about that "May 2007 agreement, and in that agreement I know for sure that there is no provision of a winner with a winner, but that the winner of the minority negotiates with the Mandatory, and it was not signed only by the two political leaders, but was signed in the presence of our international facilitators because even then a problem arose" - says Musliu.

About the way Mickoski now secures a majority of 61 MPs, Musliu says that it is pure trading of MPs.

"We also reacted to the former trades with MPs and that is not a good sign if it is not with political parties." It is another thing for Mickoski to conclude an agreement with one of the ugly political parties, for example with ZNAM or Levica, and thus secure that majority, and it is another thing if he takes over MPs who have not served them honorably before and move to other political entities, not as part of social interest here as a part of personal interest" says Musliu.

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