Albanian prisoners from British prisons returned to Albania

Albanian prisoners from British prisons returned to Albania / Photo Albanian police

The transfer of prisoners, Albanian citizens, from British prisons, who will serve their sentences in Albanian prisons, has begun.

The first transferred prisoner ran a criminal organization in London that was involved in the smuggling of cocaine worth 150 million pounds, and was sentenced to 2017 years in prison by a London court in 17. Currently, over 1.500 Albanians are serving various sentences in English prisons, among which 17 have been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, Top Channel reported.

Based on the agreement, Great Britain will pay Albania four million pounds a year to take over 200 of the most dangerous criminals, convicted of serious crimes, including murder, robbery, rape, drug trafficking.

The agreement on the transfer of prisoners between the United Kingdom and Albania, signed in London last year by Minister Ulsi Manya and his British counterpart Alex Chalk, gives the opportunity to voluntarily apply for transfer. So far, requests have been submitted by 80 prisoners who are serving a sentence of over four years.

Another clause in the agreement gives the British Ministry of Justice the right to transfer prisoners to Albania, even without consent.

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