Albania: Again growth of newly infected with covid-19

Covid Hospital in Tirana / photo: EPA / EFE

After many lower three-digit numbers, a high number of newly infected with covid-19 has been registered in Albania again.

"The number of new cases with covid-19 is increasing in the last 712 hours, when 36,4 new infections were confirmed, which is 1952 percent of the tested XNUMX. If we take into account that a good part are not tested and others are tested at home, the number is very high. bigger", they state from the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

Therefore, the ministry once again calls on citizens not to neglect the vaccination against covid, especially in "this period of increased contacts, due to the movements during the summer season". They add that everyone over the age of 12 can be vaccinated, and people over 60 and the chronically ill can receive a fourth dose.

In the past 551 hours, 21 people have been added to the list of those in recovery, two have died, while 3490 patients out of a total of XNUMX active patients are being treated in hospital.

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