Albania will receive $50 million in cyber security from the United States


At a conference on cyber security challenges being held in Tirana, US Ambassador Yuri Kim focused on the assistance the US has offered to the Albanian government to jointly respond to attacks from Iran.

- The US worked with Albania, along with our allies, in responding to cyber-attacks from Iran. It is clear that Albania and the United States must identify a common defense. For Albania, support for defense against cyber-attacks amounts to a total of 50 million dollars. This is only the beginning of the help and is not its completeness. We cannot protect you, but we are by your side to help you, said Kim, Top Channel reported.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior Bledi Cucci confirmed that Albania is a target of hackers, announcing an increase in investments in cyber-defense.

- This in itself is a constant challenge of the new era, which we will have to face. As we have continuously worked to make our systems more efficient to save citizens' time, we have the heavy burden of raising all the necessary data assurance facilities. In order to serve the citizens as well as possible, but also to help other institutions in the country, such as those of the judiciary, the state police is constantly modernizing itself through the adaptation of technology and innovative systems, and is convinced that small countries like Albania can make epochal leaps only by using the advantages created by technology, he said.

For the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Dzachka, the cyber-attack of July 15 last year is one of the most serious events experienced by Albania.

- It is an act of unprovoked state aggression against an independent and sovereign country. If the attack had been successful, the consequences for the Albanian citizens would have been great, she estimated.

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