Albania buys anti-tank missiles

Niko Pesheli, Minister of Defense of Albania / Photo: MIA

Albania bought Javelin anti-tank missiles to strengthen its defense, the country's Defense Minister Niko Peleshi announced today.

The statement said that Albania had signed an agreement with the American company Lokt Martin, but did not specify the number of missiles, the price and when they will be delivered.

Peleshi said the purpose of the missile purchase was to modernize the army.

- In order not to panic, there is no specific threat. We are a NATO member and the issue of national security has been resolved. We are protected, said the minister.

Peleshi also said that NATO does not pose a threat to any country, including Russia.

Tirana supports the Alliance's "open door" policy, and when it comes to Finland and Sweden, Peleshi said they are "two independent sovereign countries with high political, legal and military standards".

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