Alarming warning to the employees of "Kromberg and Schubert": Urgent installation of horizontal and vertical signaling on the road Bitola FROM "Zhabeni" or blocking the road to Greece

Photo: Sloboden pechat/ Vaska M. Mladenovska

Instead of the rehabilitation of the Bitola-Greek border road, which is being done after the past four decades, to bring satisfaction and happiness to the residents living near the Bitola-Greek border road, it has created huge problems for them, including human casualties.

SVR Bitola informs that only in the past two weeks, four traffic accidents occurred on the Bitola-Medjitlia border crossing, one of which resulted in death.

After the several traffic accidents, one of which had fatal consequences, the several accidents in the past few days, as well as last night's accident of a married couple, on the road Bitola-Industrial Zone "Zhabeni" after the competent construction and state institutions declared themselves incompetent and remain silent , with an open letter to the public, the company "Kromberg and Schubert" called.

Photo: Free Press

In the open letter addressed to all local and republican institutions: the contractor Pelagonia AD Gostivar, Geing Krebs und Kiefer International, the Public Enterprise for State Roads, "Macedonia Road", the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the State Inspectorate for Construction and Urbanism, the Public Enterprise for Management with the industrial zone "Zhabeni" and the mayor Toni Konjanovski it is said:

- With this letter, we submit a request for urgent intervention for marking and signaling on the Bitola - IZ "Zhabeni" road, which is currently still in the reconstruction phase. With the repairs, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the road, in a part that is still in progress, the road is currently unmarked and there is no signaling and marking on the road, which is why it is dangerous to use. We are aware that work is still being done on the road itself, but, unfortunately, there have already been several traffic accidents and one traffic accident in which one person, our employee, lost his life, which is why we appeal for immediate marking of the road.

Due to the new layers of asphalt that have been installed, the height of the road is above the level of the sides along the road itself, and there are sharp edges that are not marked with a (end) white strip and when driving at night it is quite unsafe and it is not visible how far it is edge of the road.

In addition to a white line, we appeal to install visual signaling with posts with reflective markers that light up during evening driving, or to install a complete protective fence, especially on the several bends in the road direction where visibility is further reduced.

The need for intervention with signaling and marking is urgent because this road is extremely busy.

Photo: Free Press

On a daily basis, it is used by over 5.200 employees of KSHMK-Bt from Bitola, Prilep, Resen, Demir Hisar and the surrounding villages, who cross the Bitola - Žabeni - Bitola route every day in both directions in order to come to work.

For the transportation of part of the employees, over 150 vehicles for group transportation (over 70 buses and 80 vans) ply the road during one day and night because the factory works in 3 shifts. Some of the employees are transported by cars and during one day and night about 270 cars travel on the road in both directions. On average, about 10 transport trucks that also cross the road daily in both directions for the purpose of transporting repro materials and products to and from our factory - says the letter from the company "Kromberg & Schubert".

They demand immediate improvement of traffic safety on this road, which without exception affects all citizens of the Pelagonian region.

- Numerous local residents and farmers also travel on the road daily with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, on foot and with agricultural vehicles. Traffic safety on this road affects all citizens of the Pelagonia region, without exception, and there is almost no family in which at least 1 member does not use this road daily.

Furthermore, the traffic on this road has been intensified by both Macedonian and foreign citizens to reach the Medjitlija border crossing.

We emphasize that the road simply must not be left unmarked and without mandatory signaling because the safety of everyone moving along it is at risk, so we ask all of you to act according to your competences and take appropriate measures in order to ensure a safe, secure and smooth movement of the road during and after the completion of the reconstruction - it is stated in the letter of the German company.

Photo: Sloboden pechat/Vaska M. Mladenovska

They request to make an appropriate descent from the height of the newly laid asphalt towards the entrance of the "Zhabeni" Industrial Zone, where due to the new layers of asphalt there is a significant height difference with the previously laid asphalt towards the entrance of the zone itself.

- That height difference amounts to about 20 cm without a suitable descent, which on the one hand represents a danger for the passengers, and on the other hand causes additional technical damage to the vehicles.

In a commitment to protect our employees, associates and fellow citizens, we are available for everything that can be done on our part in order to speed up the intervention.

Please inform us as soon as possible about the actions that will be taken for appropriate signaling and marking, as well as about their time dynamics, in order to take them into account during the daily use of the road - stands in the letter from "Kromberg and Schubert" sent to the competent institutions and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

From the company and the residents of the villages on this part of the road, they say that if there is no immediate response to traffic markings on the road, they will radicalize their demands and threaten to block the road, which leads not only to the "Zhabeni" industrial zone. but also to the Greek border.

In order to get an answer to the requests of the employees of "Kromberg and Schubert", we turned to the Public Enterprise for State Roads, and from there they say that the rehabilitation of the state road A3 section Bitola - Medjitlia, 12,5 km long, is in the final stage and in Currently, work is being done on the asphalting of the second final layer, followed by the construction of the banks on both sides of the road and the installation of public signage.

Otherwise, the Agreement for the rehabilitation of the regional road A3, Bitola-Mejitlia section is implemented on the basis of revised project documentation by the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Adequate traffic signaling has also been installed in accordance with the approved traffic time regime, issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The rehabilitation of the road with complete signaling is expected to be completed in about 30 days at the latest, that is, by the end of October - the beginning of November, and for those reasons we use the opportunity to once again appeal to drivers to adhere to the time signaling and respect it the recommended speed of movement - informed by the Public Enterprise for State Roads.

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