Actress Iva Ilincic testified in court against Mika Aleksic: I cried, presented the touching as a systematic examination

Iva Ilincic, Miroslav Miki Aleksic / Photo: printscreen / Instagram / YouTube

The Serbian actress Iva Ilincic appeared in the High Court in Belgrade where he testified in the proceedings against Miroslav Miki Aleksic, who is accused of multiple sexual harassment and sexual harassment of female students at his school.

Ilincic testified as the last victim in this procedure, and appeared in court accompanied by her parents.

Support was provided by numerous colleagues, including Aleksandar Radojicic, Vanja Nenadic, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Mirjana Karanovic, Branka Katic and other public figures.

The accused Aleksic also appeared in court with his lawyer, his wife and former football player Dusan Savic. In front of the Palace of Justice, as before, there were activists with a banner that read "We believe in Milena Radulović".

"I knew that Mika's school was the best acting school in Belgrade, and my parents knew that too, and then I went to Mika's audition from Nenad Nenadovic's school. "Mika mentioned to us that he has an influence on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, but he never guaranteed us admission there, he only mentioned that a number of successful actors enrolled at FDU from his school," said Iva, answering questions from defense attorney Zoran Jakovljevic.

Ilincic stated that Aleksic had great authority over all the students and explained that he punished them.

"If you said something stupid or something he didn't like, we were punished and the punishment was called the 'washing march.' That's how I was punished several times and those punishments affected me because I was afraid of Mika and I didn't want to disappoint him, I personally experienced all that," said the actress who broke down in tears in the courtroom after this answer.

As he stated in his testimony, the first event related to her, for which Aleksic was accused, happened in February 2014.

"Right before that event, I told him that I wanted to enroll at FDU, and during that period, the first event happened. I noticed that he was acting strangely. When he touched me for the first time, I noticed a sexual excitement in him, he panted, and he presented that touching to me as a systematic examination", said Ilincic, and then she returned to another event that happened in May 2015.

"I told Masha Djordjevic about that event, because it happened to both of us, we didn't know what actually happened to us, what it meant and how to behave," she added.

When asked by the defense lawyer, the actress said that she noticed that something like that happened to Milena Radulović because they were in another group at the time.

"I saw that something strange was happening to her but I saw that she didn't want to talk about it and we weren't close enough then. Later we became close at university and then she told me what happened to her - she explained.

Aleksic is defending his freedom after his house arrest, which he had been under since September 10, 2023, was lifted on March 10, 2021.

The director and actor is accused of four crimes of rape, two of which are of prolonged duration and five crimes of sexual harassment, of which two are qualified and of prolonged duration.

Actress Milena Radulovic was the first to report him for sexual abuse, and soon Iva Ilincic and other girls joined the accusations against him.

He was arrested on 16 January 2021 and held in custody until 10 September, which was then replaced by house arrest with electronic monitoring, after which his house arrest was lifted on 10 March 2023.

Mika Aleksic's lawyer to Milena Radulovic: Did you intentionally come without pantyhose to make it easier for him to rape you?

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