Actress Amy Schumer revealed that she has Cushing's syndrome: I feel reborn after receiving the diagnosis


The actress and comedian Amy Schumer she was diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome, a rare disease caused by the long-term effects of elevated levels of the hormone cortisol, often accompanied by diabetes, hypertension and osteoporosis.

Cushing's syndrome can significantly impair a patient's quality of life, which is exactly what happened to Amy. Namely, at the beginning of this month she was a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show, after which many commented on social networks that her appearance had changed and that she appeared very bloated.

Amy responded by saying there was some "medical and hormonal stuff" going on in her world right now, but added that she was fine. The actress then revealed her diagnosis in the newsletter "News Nat Nois" of Jessica Yellin.

In the candid chat, Amy says she feels "reborn" since being diagnosed, after an uncertain series of tests to determine what's going on with her.

"To find out that I have a type of Cushing's that will resolve itself and that I'm healthy...It was the greatest news imaginable. It's been a crazy few weeks for me and my family," said the actress.

She added that she felt motivated to disclose the diagnosis to the public in order to advocate for women's health.

"Criticism of our ever-changing bodies is something I've been dealing with for a long time and witnessing it. I really want women to love themselves and be relentless when fighting for their own health in a system that usually doesn't trust them," Amy concluded.

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