Actress Alice Milano arrested: She protested in front of the White House

Alice Milano
Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

Police in Washington have arrested actress Alisa Milano as she and a group of like-minded people protested in front of the White House, demanding changes to the right to vote.

"I was just arrested while protesting and asking the Biden administration and the Senate to exercise their right to vote. "Stand by me and tell the Senate and the White House out loud that everyone must have those rights, no matter where they live," the actress wrote on her Instagram account.


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Police first warned the actress that she and members of the People for the American Way association must leave the area, otherwise they will have to arrest them under a law banning crowds and occupying the street and sidewalks.

Before the protest, the actress announced that she could be arrested.

"I will risk arrest today because 425 laws were introduced last year that restrict the right to vote," Milan said in a video posted on Twitter. "That is why I will ask our president to do everything in his power to pass the Freedom of Voting Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the DC Statehood Act."