If necessary, votes for "Badenter" will also be sought from the Left, the law will await the new government

Arben Taravari, Timcho Mucinski Photo: Facebook Taravari

Since it is a systemic law, for which a two-thirds majority and Badenter's majority are necessary, either Mickoski will make a new deal with the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, or the Vredi Coalition, which is the proposer of the changes to the Law, the necessary votes for "Badenter" will asks the MPs from smaller communities in SDSM and Left, which is the least desirable option.

The mayors Timcho Mucunski и Arben Taravari they will sit in the ministerial chairs for foreign affairs and trade and for health without solving the question of whether the municipalities Airport и Gostivar in six months they will go to the polls or wait for the regular local elections in the fall of 2025.
The amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government will not enter the parliamentary procedure before the formation of the new government, led by Hristijan Mickoski, although the government announced them together with the government reorganization law. The opposition SDSM and the European Front have not yet decided whether they will support the changes.

Since it is a systemic law, for which a two-thirds and Badenter majority is necessary, either Mickoski will make a new deal with the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, or the Vredi Coalition, which is the proposer of the amendments to the Law, the necessary votes for "Badenter" will asks the MPs from smaller communities in SDSM and Left, which is the least desirable option.

Mickoski: The law has been submitted to the Parliament

Mandate Mickoski last night, during the promotion of the candidates for ministers from VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition, said that he expects unconditional support from all parties for the Law on Local Self-Government, which stipulates that there will be no early elections in the municipalities whose mayors will move into the executive power, if local elections are less than two years away. He pointed out that although VMRO-DPMNE is politically suited to hold elections, this should not be the way politicians behave.

– The law has been submitted to the Parliament. I expect all MPs to vote unconditionally, because, even though it suits VMRO-DPMNE politically to have elections now, we want to be a government that will be responsible and will not have double standards or double standards. We appreciate that the citizens' money should not be spent additionally, those elections in some municipalities might cost one million euros. This is money with which we can build a boulevard, a kindergarten, renovate a school, instead of harassing the citizens with our political games in November and December once, then in September and October, once again - he said. Mickoski.

However, today at the coordination with the President of the Assembly Afrim GashiOr SDSMOr The European front they have not declared whether they will support the changes.
Khalil Snopche from Vredi confirmed for "Sloboden Pechat" that they will not rush and the amendments to the Law will be on the agenda after the formation of the new government.

- I will wait for an answer from the parliamentary groups of the SDSM and the European Front. I hope that the changes will be accepted by both opposition parties, because they suit them too - he says Bundle.

Amendments to the Law require a so-called "big badenter", that is, for them to pass, they need to vote 20 MPs from minority communities. In the new parliamentary composition there are 39 MPs who vote according to Badenter's majority. Without the opposition, VMRO-DPMNE and Vredi do not have 20 non-majority MPs. It's worth it 14 MPs, VMRO-DPMNE – two or three from the communities, that is, they lack three or four opposition non-majority MPs. SDSM и Left, on the other hand, each have two MPs from the communities. If DUI or MPs from The European front do not support the changes, It's worth it support will have to be sought from SDSM and from Left.
Although DUI officially says that they did not coordinate on the Law, unofficially both Ahmeti's party and the European Front hint that they will give support, because it suits them too that there are no elections in Saraj, after the mayor of this municipality Blerim Bexheti became an MP.

Previously, in support of the reorganization of the ministries, Mickoski agreed to form an ad-hoc commission to monitor the framework employments in the institutions, after which the deputies of the DUI joined the opponents of the ruling majority in passing the law.

In the amendments to the Law on Local Self-Government that came about Free Press it says:

"If there are less than two years until the new election period, the elections will not be held, and the Council within 15 days of the occurrence of one of the cases from paragraph (1) of this article will choose one of the members of the Council who will performs the duties of mayor for the period until the election of a new mayor, in the same way as the president of the council is elected".

The rationale states that the proposed legal solution will improve the legal framework for the functioning of local self-government. With the new solution, early local elections for the mayor of a municipality will be held only if there are more than two years until the new regular elections. Amendments to the law are proposed to be adopted after a shortened procedure.

Only three women in the cabinet

The mandate holder is expected tomorrow Mickoski to deliver them to The Assembly the program and composition of the government cabinet, after the proposals for ministers from VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition passed last night, after the sessions of the Executive and the Central Committee. According to the announcement, government partners It's worth it и The I KNOW movement today they have to submit their proposals for ministers to the mandate holder.
Mickoski reiterated that the new government that the Parliament should vote on this weekend (the session will start on June 22 and the new government will be voted on on June 23) will consist of the coalition "Your Macedonia", led by VMRO-DPMNE, the coalition Vredi and ZNAM - About our Macedonia.

The government team, led by Mickoski, will count 24 members, of which the prime minister and five deputy prime ministers, including from the Serbian and Roma communities. And in the new government there will be few women, that is three, and all of them from VMRO-DPMNE. The Albanian partner It's worth it there will not be a single woman in the first echelon. It is characteristic that all the vice-presidents of VMRO-DPMNE will be in the executive power, but also some leaders from Vredi, which, in turn, will mean that for the first time leaders of Albanian parties as ministers will take direct responsibility, which was one of Mickoski's conditions for government coalition with Vredi.
The vice president has been proposed as deputy prime minister and minister of transport Alexander Nikoloski, for finance, the vice-president of VMRO-DPMNE – Gordana Kochoska-Dimitrieska, for defense – the vice president Vlado Misajlovski and for foreign affairs and trade – Timcho Mucunski. The proposal for Minister of Interior is the current Technical Minister Pance Toshkovski, for information society and digital transformation, the current additional deputy minister in this department Stefan Andonovski. The Minister of Local Self-Government will be the former director of PE "Water and Sewerage" Zlatko Perinski, who in the past period also led Mickoski's cabinet.
It has been proposed in the newly established Ministry of Energy, Mining and Mineral Resources Sanja Bozinovska, current member of the IC and expert in energy, Cvetan Tripunovski in agriculture, forestry and water management as a staff member with many years of experience in the department, the professor Vesna Janevska – in education and science, in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism – the actor Zoran Ljutkov, and in the Ministry of Sports – the exracometer Borko Ristovski.
The deputy prime ministers will also be from the coalition partners, the Socialist Party and the Democratic Party of the Serbs, i.e. Ljupчоo Dimovski as vice president and minister of political system, a Ivan Stoiljkovic – vice president in charge of relations with the communities, while Shaban Saliu for integration and implementation of the Roma decade.

Proposals for ministers from It's worth it are First Vice Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment Izzet Mejetti from the Democratic Movement, Orhan Murtezani from Alternative - for the minister of European affairs, the Besa Movement proposes him Fatmir Limani for Minister of Social Policy, Demography and Youth, a Besar Durmishi – for Minister of Economy and Labor. Arben Taravari from the Alliance for Albanians is a candidate for Minister of Health. He has been proposed by the ZNAM Movement as Minister of Justice Igor Filkov, and for the administration department Goran Minchev.

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