If you want to hire a waiter in Germany, you need to cash out a minimum of 3.000 euros per month

Germany's hospitality crisis highlights long-standing weaknesses in the industry. Already in 2012, only about 13 percent of companies were training young people, and during the pandemic this figure dropped to 8,5 percent in 2021. Chamber of Commerce officials also reported a 50 percent attrition rate even before the coronavirus.

In other words, half of the participants did not complete the training, and the most common reasons are salary and working hours. However, restaurants recognized this problem in time. In last year's survey by the Association of Restaurant and Hoteliers - Dehoge, 44 percent of the companies stated that they are retraining more young workers, and the number of trainees increased by about 11 percent, Phoenix magazine reports.

More flexible working time models and better organization are listed as obligations in 38 and 34 percent of companies, respectively. In the hospitality industry, earnings are still low. The gross annual salary in the hospitality industry in 2021 was slightly less than 27.000 euros on average. 3.000 euros per month must be the minimum for qualified workers in the future," said the Trade Union of Hospitality Workers, published by N1 Croatia.

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