If the Evaluation Mission concludes that the Judicial Council should be dissolved, we will respect the decision, assures Georgiev

Sashko Georgiev - President of the Judicial Council / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

If the Evaluation Mission of the European Union concludes that the Judicial Council should be dissolved, I will respect that decision, says p.the vice-chairman of the Judicial Council Sashko Georgiev. For the show "360 degrees", Georgiev said that the position is not eternal.

"I'm talking about me, no problem." If that is the perception, if it is a recommendation from a relevant factor, then there is no dilemma. Nothing is forever, we are here to enforce it. Interruption of the mandate is very real for me if it is appreciated that all this will contribute to improving the situation so that we have some confidence", said Georgiev.

Regarding the case of judge Enver Bejeti, who was punished with a fine, and not with dismissal, because he kept the case of illegal wiretapping in a drawer for several months, Georgiev clarified that there were not enough votes for his dismissal.

"At least eight votes are needed to make a decision to dismiss the judge, and in this case there were not eight votes." When this is the case, according to the law, the first step is to proceed with the disciplinary measures which are expressed in a fine of 15-30 percent and the smallest penalty is a public reprimand or warning. In this case, eight votes received a reduction of 20 percent of the salary for a period of six months," said Georgiev.

The judges, as he said, decide according to their own conviction, and some of them presented arguments why they voted against dismissing Judge Bejeti.

 "Here we are talking about a Criminal Council in which this judge is a reporter, but it is made up of all five judges. After someone's conviction, some of the colleagues thought that it might be a matter of collective responsibility of the entire council and here were someone's arguments why only this judge should bear responsibility. On the other hand, this judge previously had solid results in his work, scored points, and previously had an application for promotion," said Georgiev.

Asked about inconsistency in the decisions of the Judicial Council, which previously dismissed judges Lidija Nedelkova and Sofia Lalicic for minor remarks, Georgiev said that even then there were different opinions, but the votes of the majority prevailed.

Regarding possible party influence on the decisions of the Judicial Council, Georgiev says that the members of the Council are professionals who should not allow themselves any influence, especially when deciding on the dismissal or the selection of a judge.

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